First Year Cadets Learn on Talls Ship Esmeralda

June 7, 2019 (Google Translation) – As part of the professional training activities scheduled for this year by the Naval School “Arturo Prat” , this June 6, the first year cadets of the campus visited the School Ship “Esmeralda” , which will initiate her sixty-fourth Instructional Cruise this June 9.

The activity was carried out in order to carry out a practical Nautical class on board, in which the cadets had to apply the nomenclature and go through all the maneuvering stations, understanding the purpose and rationale of each element.

They also had the opportunity to integrate different work teams, being accompanied by a group of midshipmen and maneuver personnel, who together with the professors of the campus chair, allowed them to verify the main functions carried out by a “Sailboat” type vessel, contributing with new knowledge the professional stock of the cadets.

During the visit, Lieutenant 1 Bañados Alfonso, endowment of the School Ship “Esmeralda”, pointed to the future Navy Officers the importance of this activity in the beginning of their academic and professional training, which allows them to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for their training as future Navy Officers, who as Marine Guard should carry out their instruction trip aboard “La Esmeralda”.