SNMCMG1 Destroys 10 Explosive Devices off West Frisian Islands

June 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – Together with NATO partners, HNLMS Zierikzee cleared 10 explosives off the Wadden Islands last week. It is rare for a mine clearance operation in the North Sea to produce so many culls.


Sea mines from the Second World War were found earlier this year during the search for the dumped containers of the MS Zoë container ship . The naval ships HNLMS Luymes and HNLMS Vlaardingen assisted with that search. A few sea mines were close to pipelines and cables and were taken to a safe place for explosion.

Zierikzee is currently part of a NATO fleet that cleans up explosives at sea. This so-called Standing NATO Minecounter Measures Group 1 operated last week north of the Wadden Islands at the invitation of the navy. The group includes ships and drones from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom. The mine-mining partnership cleans up explosives, but also exercises to improve international cooperation.