Mission Jeanne d’Arc Participated in Exercise KANAWA

May 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – On 25 and 26 May 2019, the amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Tonnerre engaged in the mission Jeanne d’Arc 2019 and the armed forces in the West Indies (FAA) participated in the amphibious exercise KANAWA in cooperation with the Dutch Navy. This exercise aimed to improve the joint reaction capacity of the French and Dutch forces to cope with a crisis situation related to a climatic event or a natural disaster.

The exercise has implemented significant resources planned from Martinique and this in three dimensions with, in the air, 3 light helicopters, at sea, PHA Thunder and 3 landing craft and, on the ground, a detachment of 33 e RIMA including reserve, a Dutch detachment and thirty vehicles.

The troops on the ground were deployed on the ground between Baillif and Gourbeyre to secure the assembly points and evacuation points (sports field, aerodrome, etc.). For its part, the crew of Thunder has proceeded to the fictitious evacuation of French and European nationals.

These regular trainings help maintain basic skills while enhancing interoperability, responsiveness and coordination of participants. Operation ALBATROS, coordinated by France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom following Hurricane Irma in 2017, demonstrated the interest and effectiveness of these exercises in providing a rapid and appropriate European response to the environmental risks of climate change. zoned.