India & France ASW Exercise Varuna 19.2

May 28, 2019 (Google Translation) – From 22 to 25 May 2019, the Varuna 19.2 anti-submarine warfare exercise brought together a Navy attack submarine (SNA) of the French Navy currently deployed in the Indian Ocean and an Indian Navy submarine. . Organized under the operational control of ALINDIEN, this exercise was an opportunity to strengthen our capabilities for joint action in a critical and strategic area while demonstrating the high level of interoperability achieved.

This major training has accumulated more than 35 hours of submarine combat. The higher level exercises allowed both crews to be trained in detection, tracking and plunge attack while maintaining control over the maritime areas and their environment.

As part of exercise Varuna.19.1 with the carrier group, the French submarine had already conducted an exercise with an Indian submarine for a period of 7 hours. Varuna 2019.2 aims to deepen this first interaction in a new environment.

India has been a strategic partner of France for more than twenty years, this cooperation is the subject of a recurrent dialogue and regular bilateral military exercises.

With nearly 650 soldiers deployed, FFEAU is one of the French advanced operational bases abroad. As such, it supports the French military assets deployed in the Persian Gulf and the North Indian Ocean. Thanks to its conditions of hardening, it also allows to train the French soldiers to the combat actions in desert zone and in urban area. As Commander of the Indian Ocean Maritime Area (ALINDIEN), COMFOR FFEAU exercises authority over a maritime area stretching from the south of the Suez Canal to the west, and east to the western limits of the waters. from Burma, Indonesia and Australia. He promotes France’s defense policy and animates bilateral military relations.

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