Commander of French Guyana Armed Forces Visits FS Tonerre

May 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – As part of the Jeanne d’Arc 2019 mission , the naval group composed of PHA Tonnerre and FLF La Fayette has been deployed at sea since 25 February. An annual mission during which students from the Naval Officers Application School complete their training cycle. During their mission, they made a stopover in French Guiana waters. On this occasion, the superior commander (COMSUP) of the armed forces in Guyana (FAG), the air division general Didier Looten, was welcomed on the Thunder.

Deposited on the Thunder by a Fennec 68 (68) transport squadron, the COMSUP was welcomed by the commander of the ship, Captain Ludovic Poitou. After giving the honors to the unit pennant, Air Division General Looten presented the missions of the Armed Forces in Guyana (FAG) as well as the security issues specific to the area to the students of the school of application of the officers of marine.

At the same time, the ET 68 requalified its crews to the deck using the platforms of the Thunder and the frigate La Fayette. In total, eight pilots received the necessary qualifications and conducted nearly 70 aircraft and take-offs.

With a strength of 2,100 soldiers, the FAGs carry out missions of support of the action of the State and contribute to the missions of sovereignty. As such, they guarantee the protection of the national territory, and contribute to the maintenance of security in the zone of permanent single Caribbean responsibility (ZRP), to the fight against illegal gold washing (Harpie operation), to the security of the space center Guyanese (Operation Titan), and the fight against illegal fishing. As part of their fisheries policing mission, the FAG guarantee the sovereignty of France over the waters under its jurisdiction, meet the international commitments made by France in the field of preservation of fisheries resources, and combat illegal maritime activities .