Project 12700 Vladimir Yemelyanov Launch Scheduled for May 30th

May 21, 2019 (Google Translation) – On May 30, at the Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant in St. Petersburg, the third most recent mine defense ship, the Vladimir Yemelyanov (Project 12700), will be launched. Ships of this project have a unique, the world’s largest hull made of monolithic fiberglass and the most advanced anti-mine weapons.

Serial construction of mine defense ships is carried out within the framework of the development and re-equipment of mine-trawling forces of the Navy. In the short term, the Navy plans to have about 40 ships of a 12700 PMO project in its structure. Ships of this project are superior in all indicators and characteristics, including displacement, to sea trawlers of the Soviet period of construction. During the serial construction of mine defense ships, their tactical and technical characteristics are improved, there is a further increase in the qualitative parameters of the effectiveness of the ship’s life support systems and onboard mine action systems. In matters of the development of mine-sweeping forces, the Main Command of the Navy constantly takes into account scientific and technical progress in the use of naval forces at sea.

The mine defense ships of the project 12700 today embody the advanced domestic technologies both in their armament and in driving performance. They can be effectively used in both near and far sea zones. Ships of this project are planned to be replaced by sea-trawlers of the Soviet period of construction. They are able to effectively carry out the mine-main support of the actions of the surface and submarine forces of the Navy, both at the exit from the basing points and in the designated areas. The ships have excellent seaworthiness and high saturation with the newest means of combating sea mines of various types. These ships belong to a new generation of mine-trawling forces and are designed to combat sea mines, which new PMO ships can detect both in the water of sea areas and in the sea bottom, without entering the danger zone. The rate of production of ships PMO 12700 will be increased from year to year.

Along with the construction of PMO ships of project 12700, the service system for these ships is also being developed. As the General Director of the 51st Central Design and Technological Institute, Georgi Mura, said earlier. “In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the High Command of the Navy, the Design and Design Documentation for servicing the lead ship of the project 12700“ Alexander Obukhov ”developed the 51st Central Design and Technology Institute. Currently 51 CKTIS continues to develop and update the basic documentation for the service of subsequent ships of this project, which are constantly being improved in the course of serial construction, which is absolutely logical. For the staff of the Institute, this was a new stage in the work, since the servicing of such unique ships, which are the ships of the PMO project 12700, requires completely different approaches. The scientific base of the 51st CKTIS, as well as the experience of the institute, accumulated in cooperation with the specialized directorates of the Main Command of the Navy, make it possible to carry out the tasks set efficiently. ”

During the construction of ships of this project at the Middle Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant, the latest Russian technologies are used, which have no analogues in the world shipbuilding industry. The ships of this project have a unique, the world’s largest hull of monolithic fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion. The mass of such a body is much lower than metal. This significantly increases its strength. Such a body is not afraid of corrosion, and the service life, subject to the norms of operation, is practically unlimited. Project 12700 was developed by the Almaz Central Maritime Design Bureau for the Russian Navy.