Mission Jeanne d’Arc Exercises With Brazilian Navy

May 17, 2019 (Google Translation) – After his stopover in Rio de Janeiro, the amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Thunder and the stealthy light frigate (FLF) La Fayette conducted a joint maneuver with the Brazilian Navy on May 7, 2019 during the Jeanne d’Arc mission .

This series of operational readiness activities began early in the day with tactical evolutions off the Brazilian coast, gathering around the French ships , the Atlantico helicopter carrier , the Constituicão , Liberal and Independencia frigates , and the offshore patrol boat Apa .

At the same time as La Fayette pursued with refueling presentations, aerial maneuvers and signal communications with the ships and two Brazilian helicopters, a Franco-Brazilian amphibious landing took place in the afternoon on a beach. of the peninsula of Marambaïa.

The day before, advanced Franco-Brazilian forces consisting of part of the defense and maritime interdiction team (EDIM) and Brazilian riflemen had already invested the beach to “neutralize” objectives simulating the enemy and allow the amphibious buildings to approach.

On D-Day, the Rapid Amphibious Landing Device (EDAR) first landed a detachment of the 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment which prepared the ground for the arrival of the shipping barges. Thus the soldiers of the marine tanks infantry regiment and 6 th Engineer Regiment were able to disembark in turn accompanied by pre Brazilian forces positioned onboard PHA Thunder with their vehicles .

The landing took place alongside Marambaia and amphibious vehicles from Almirante Saboia . All of this amphibious tactical maneuver took place under the protection of the two light aviation gazelles embedded in the Jeanne d’Arc mission.

After many cross activities during the stopover and a complete integration of 80 Fuzileiros Navais to the Thunder crew , this day will have allowed the French and Brazilian navies to strengthen their cooperation and share their knowledge on amphibians and methods of landing but on clearance, first aid combat and shooting on small arms.

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