Operation Inherent Resolve Deployment Returns to France

May 20, 2019 (Google Translation) – An Atlantic 2 detachment , deployed since February at the proposed air base (BAP) in the Levant, completed its mission on May 6th.

Two aircraft succeeded on the BAP totaling 23 reconnaissance and surveillance missions and more than 200 hours of flight.

Atlantic 2 contributed to the intelligence component of the operation. Usually dedicated to maritime missions, and in particular anti-submarine warfare, this maritime patrol aircraft is perfectly suited to ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions whose objective in this theater is to detect and identify activities of Daesh fighters. Also able to intervene in CAS missions ( Close Air Support – Close Air Support), the aircraft can carry out strikes opportunity thanks to its capacity drop laser-guided bombs.

Engaged alongside the Rafale deployed in the Levant, these two Atlantic 2 contributed to the reduction of Daesh’s military capabilities.

Launched since 19 September 2014, Operation Chammal represents the French component of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) within a coalition of 79 countries and organizations. At the request of the Iraqi government and in coordination with France’s allies present in the region, Operation Chammal aims to provide military support to local forces engaged in the fight against Daesh on their territory. The Chammal operation is based on two complementary pillars: a “support” pillar intended to support troops engaged on the ground against Daesh and to strike Daesh’s military capabilities; a pillar “training” for the benefit of the Iraqi security forces. To date, the complete operation of Operation Chammal has nearly 1,000 soldiers.