Mission Clemenceau: Two sailors of the aircraft carrier in the spotlight

May 21, 2019 (Google Translation) – Two sailors from aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , Master Jonathan from Chaufferies and Master Kevin from Propulsion received a congratulatory letter from the commander on May 9 for saving the life of a six-year-old Indian boy who was drowned in the swimming pool of a hotel.

After several weeks of mission between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, the aircraft carrier was in Goa at the beginning of May for an operational break and to start the dock phase of the Franco-Indian Varuna exercise.

The two sailors, accompanied by a childhood friend, were at the edge of the pool, when one of the employees noticed the presence of an inanimate child in the water. Quickly, the child is out of the water by the sailors who find that the child does not breathe. Trained in actions that save and are used to responding to the emergency, the two sailors react immediately and provide first aid. ” This situation has shown us how effective the training is in responding effectively to an emergency, ” recalls Master Kevin.

After long minutes that seem like an eternity, the cardiac massage is effective. The two soldiers and their friend, by their coolness and the effectiveness of their care, saved the little boy. Master Jonathan is marked by the event: ” I am a father, it could have happened to one of my children “.