FS Seine Joins Jeanne d’Arc 2019

May 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – At the end of April, the Seine Metropolitan Support and Support Building (BSAM) joined the Jeanne d’Arc group in the southern Atlantic Ocean. Consisting of the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Tonnerre and the La Fayette type Frigate (FLF) La Fayette, he had left South Africa on April 19th.

This integration was done as part of its long-term deployment (DLD). It offers crews a wider range of operational readiness options: implementation of the visiting team, aviation maneuvers, tactical evolutions, shots, etc.

“It’s amazing to be in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean! ” Testifies in the morning the quartermaster of PHA Thunder in front of the silhouette that appears on the horizon of BSAM Seine .

Five midships, embarked on the Thunder with the School of Application of Marine Officers (EAOM) were lucky to be helped on the BSAM Seine for a boarding of 6 days. The opportunity for them to shift and conduct different types of exercises on another type of building. Man overboard, tactical evolution, bar failure or firefighting: these different trainings behave differently on a PHA of 22,000 tons with 600 crew members and a BSAM with 17 sailors. Fully integrated into the crew of BSAM Seine , midships were also able to discover the different missions devolving to this multi-purpose building (towing, assistance, anti-pollution etc.).

PHA Tonnerre , FLF La Fayette and BSAM Seine then set sail for South America and more particularly for Brazil.