Colombian Navy Assists With Oil Sprill Cleanup in Cartagena

May 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – Coast Guard Rapid Reaction Units, in coordination with the Harbor Authority of Cartagena and the Caribbean Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center, perform the verification and containment of an oil slick that is found in the inner bay of the heroic city.

Personnel of the Coast Guard Station of Cartagena performs the dispersion of oily waste and the containment of these, through the use of oleophilic barriers; Likewise, the cleaning of the beaches of Castillogrande is carried out, with oleophilic towels, eliminating the presence of this polluting agent and the total containment of it.

The Caribbean Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research Center of the Maritime and Cardinal General Directorate carried out samples of the substance to carry out a detailed study of it.

The Colombian Navy reiterates its commitment to the preservation of the environment, while inviting the citizenry to report any affectation through the telephone line 146 or the marine VHF channel 16.

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