Sea rescue in the German Bight

May 8, 2019 (Google Translation) – On the evening of May 7, the frigate “North Rhine-Westphalia” rescued two persons in distress.

At 6:20 pm, the crew of the German frigate received a distress call from the fishing boat “Stella Polaris”. The boat reported a flooding with machine failure in the sea area of ​​the German Bight.

The “North Rhine-Westphalia” was at the end of their turf drive at Wilhelmshaven. After receipt of the radio message, the “North Rhine-Westphalia” moved to approximately five nautical miles distant Havaristen.

Sea rescue in the German Bight (Source: 2019 Bundeswehr / Stefan Schulz)
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Once there, the ship sent a seven-man damage team with a high-speed dinghy to the “Stella Polaris”. The team examined the damage and began to combat the inrush.

With the help of pumps, the damage-reduction team succeeded in keeping the water level reached 30 cm above the ground constant until the arrival of additional help.

After the arrival of the rescue cruiser “Hermann Marwede” of the German Society for Rescue Shipwrecked he took over all other measures to rescue the stricken ship.

The Seenotkreuzer dragged the “Stella Polaris” later to Wilhelmshaven.