Evertsen and SNMG2 in Exercise Mare Aperto

May 8, 2019 (Google Translation) – HNLMS Evertsen took part in Exercise Mare Aperto (free sea) as a flagship within the NATO fleet association SNMG2. More than 40 ships, the same number of aircraft and 5 submarines participated in this. An overview of Defense operations in the week from 1 to 7 May 2019.

Commander of SNMG2, Commander Boudewijn Boots: “This is a unique and large-scale exercise under Italian leadership. All facets are applied: from the prevention of smuggling and environmental pollution to deployment in the highest spectrum of violence. Through cooperation with many maritime units in the air, at sea and deep under water and through amphibious landing operations, this exercise has a high level of challenge.

The Mediterranean Sea this week included the scene of submarine control, supply at sea, maneuvering and communication exercises.