JMSDF Monitors Russian Task Group

Slava class missile cruiser (011)

April 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – Maritime Self Defense Force fifth escort force affiliation “Ariake”
The Russian navy Stelevisi, who travels southwest of the sea about 150 km northeast of Upper Tsushima.

Kilo class submarine

A combination of Chi-class frigate, Kilo-class submarine and Igor-Belosov-class submarine rescue ship
A total of 3 ships were confirmed.

Igori Berosov class submarine rescue ship

In addition, around April 1st (Friday) 10:00 am, Maritime Self-Defense Force 4th Air Group affiliation P-1
The Russian navy is a member of the Russian navy that travels about 180 km northeast of Upper Tsushima.
We confirmed a total of two ships of the Sail cruiser and the Lopcher Class I tank landing vessel.
After that, these five ships sailed toward the East China Sea south of the Tsushima Strait

Lopture Class I Tank Landing Ship (066)