Regele Ferdinand Joins SNMG2

March 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Regele Ferdinand frigate left the Constanţa military port Thursday, March 28, to join the NATO Navy Maritime Group NATO Permanent Navy Group, which includes military ships from Canada, the Netherlands, Turkey.

NATO Naval Group will carry out maritime surveillance missions in the Black Sea by 18 April to strengthen measures to discourage security challenges in the region, but there are also stopovers in the ports of Trabzon (Turkey), Constanta and Poti ( Georgia) to restore combat capability.

This month is 15 years since our country became a full member of the North Atlantic Alliance and since 2004 the Romanian Navy has participated in dozens of missions under the NATO banner, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and Afghanistan. The continued commitment of Romania and the Allies to security and common defense ensures NATO’s credibility and relevance for the benefit of all member states and Euro-Atlantic security.