RFS Stariy Oskol Returns to Novorossiysk

March 24, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the Stariy Oskol submarine (Submarine) of the Black Sea Fleet returned to its basing point after successfully completing a set of training activities in the Black Sea marine training grounds.

As part of the launch to the sea, submariners worked out various joint exercises with Naval aviation and anti-submarine ships of the Black Sea Fleet, and also conducted a training session on laying the boat on the ground.

Earlier, the crew of the submarine “Stariy Oskol” went into the indicated areas of the sea to perform training tasks for detecting, tracking and destroying sea and coastal targets of a conditional enemy.

Also, the personnel of the diesel-electric submarine (diesel-electric submarines) conducted in-ship exercises to control the ship and worked out the algorithm of actions to dive to different depths from periscope to working in various ways – both in drift and on the move.

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