Tall Ship Gloria Awarded Order of the Congress of Colombia

March 22, 2019 (Google Translation) – The ARC “Gloria” School Ship of the Colombian Navy received two recognitions in the Elliptical Hall of the Congress of the Republic. The Senate awarded the Order of the Congress of Colombia in the rank of Commander and the House of Representatives conferred the Order of Democracy Simón Bolívar, in the degree of Cruz Comendador.

During the acknowledgment held at the National Capitol, former President of the Congress Dr. Efraín José Cepeda Sarabia and the Representative to the Chamber for La Guajira, Alfredo Rafael Deluque Zuleta, promoted and awarded these decorations to the ARC’s “Gloria” War Flag, which were imposed in the presence of the Chief of Naval Operations of the Colombian Navy, Vice Admiral Gabriel Alfonso Pérez Garcés and the Commander of the ship, Captain Camilo Mauricio Gutiérrez Olano.

As is tradition, these decorations were imposed in the form of medals on the Flag of War (which is composed of the national tricolor with the Colombian coat of arms in the center); of the flagship ARC “Gloria”, which is also known as the Ambassador of Colombia for the seas and ports of the world.

The ship celebrated 50 years in the service of the Naval Institution and the Colombians, taking a piece of Homeland to all the ports of the world, where it is visited by compatriots who want to feel “at home”, and citizens of various nationalities, who want to know a bit of the artistic, ethnographic, geographic, tourist and commercial riches, as showcase of Colombia, in front of the world.

This year, the Floating Ambassador of Colombia in the seas of the world, will sail in June from Cartagena, to make his cruise number 81 and visit ports in the United States, France, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Holland, England and Morocco. Later, he will visit the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Costa Rica, to continue his training phases to Cadets and Grumetes of the Navy, in activities of life in the sea and taking the best of the Colombian people, on board.

Through Resolution 516 of May 11, 2005, the Insignia vessel was declared a National Cultural Interest Asset by the Ministry of Culture, and recently among a group of 20 cultural works of the Heróica, the “Gloria” ARC was proposed together with the collection of its furniture on board, as an Asset of Cultural Interest for the walled city, by the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena.