Mistral Returns to Toulon

March 22, 2019 (Google Translation) – Deployed on the Corymbe 145 mission in the Gulf of Guinea since 21 January, the amphibious helicopter carrier Mistral has found its port in Toulon after 54 days of absence.

During the 33 days at sea, the Mistral has traveled 10 085 nautical miles, largely escorted by Commander Birot .

The PHA has had many interactions with the navies of the riparian countries. In total, 5 joint patrols were conducted with Senegal, Togo, Gabon and Morocco, demonstrating a high level of cooperation not only in exercises but also in operational missions.

The flight deck of the building accommodated six different aircraft: the Alouette III , aboard during the whole mission, two Gazelles of the French Forces in Ivory Coast (FFCI) and a Fennec of the French elements in Gabon (EFG), two US V22 convertible aircraft for a touch and go session (TAG).

Two highlights marked this mission:

– The VIP Day organized February 18 off Libreville brought together the highest political and military authorities of Gabon aboard the Mistral ;

– The PUMA III exercise conducted jointly with the FFCI at the end of February. For four days, more than 60 army vehicles and 250 French and Ivorian soldiers boarded the Mistral. This third edition of the PUMA exercise has allowed all the protagonists to work in conditions close to reality and to maintain their amphibious know-how.

Several stopovers have also punctuated this deployment, which is rich in operational activities and exercises, making it possible to further strengthen ties with our African partners.

The crew members of the Mistral found their families on March 15, while the PHM LV Le Henaff took the relay in the Corymbe zone for mission 146.