RFS Stary Oskol Prepares for Deployment

March 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Stary Oskol” is preparing to go out to sea to perform tasks for the intended purpose.

The personnel of the diesel-electric submarine (diesel-electric submarines) conducts in-ship exercises to control the ship and to refine the algorithm of actions to dive to different depths from periscope to working in various ways, both in drift and on the go.

Also, submariners work out the procedure for managing the boat during ascent to the surface position.

The flagship specialists of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters made the admission of personnel to the exit to the sea and checked the material part.

As part of going to sea, the crew of the Stary Oskol will work out various exercises with naval aviation and anti-submarine ships of the Black Sea Fleet, as well as conduct training on laying the boat on the ground.