Project 1171 Orsk Working Up in Black Sea

March 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the larger amphibious assault ship (BDK) of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) “Orsk” at the outlets into the sea rents the elements of the K-2 course mission.

In accordance with the combat training plan, the crew carried out an artillery firing complex at sea, coastal and air targets in one of the Black Sea sea ranges.

During the landing of the amphibious assault force on the coast, the crew of the amphibious assault ship fired from an artillery installation at coastal targets imitating enemy firing points, and then worked out actions to repel the conditional enemy’s air attack weapons.

Also, artillery crews completed the task of destroying a floating sea mine simulator.

The next stage of the combat training of the crew of the Orsk BDK will be the improvement of the organization of loading of the combat equipment vehicle and personnel of the marine infantry units into the twindeck, as well as the landing of the amphibious assault forces on the unequipped coast.