Baltic Fleet Conducts ASuW Training

March 6, 2019 (Google Translation) – As part of the development of the K-2 coursework elements, the small rocket ship and the boat of the Baltic Fleet carried out electronic rocket launches on surface targets in sea landfills.

The shipboard strike group consisting of the small missile ship “Passat” and the missile boat “Chuvashia” successfully executed electronic rocket launches at targets imitating a detachment of warships of the conditional enemy. Missile firing was carried out by two ships simultaneously with the use of anti-ship missile systems.

As a result of electronic launches, all designated targets were successfully hit. Shooting took place in a complex noise situation, which was created to complicate the task of the crews of the ship’s shock group.

In the course of the maneuvers, the ships also worked out exercises for the production of radio-electronic interference.

After the fire missions were completed, the crews conducted a series of naval exercises — in order to fight for survivability, anti-sabotage defense, organize interaction and communication between the ships, and work out elements of joint navigation.