Turkish Navy Exercises With Russian Black Sea Fleet

March 8, 2019 (Google Translation) – The ships of the Black Sea Fleet escorted the ships of the Naval Forces of Turkey to the open sea and conducted joint exercises with them.

From March 06 to March 8, Turkish sailors were in the port of Novorossiysk with a business call.

During the exercise, the crews of the two ships of the Novorossiysk military base of the Black Sea Fleet, the patrol ship Vasily Bykov and the sea minesweeper Valentin Pikul, conducted a joint Turkish-Russian exercise PASSEX with the crews of the corvette Burgazada and the Akchay mine sweeper. “(“Akçay”)

Elements of interaction and maneuvering in the waters of the Black Sea, as well as a wire detachment of ships in the area of ​​possible mine risk were tested.

Earlier, the command of the Novorossiysk military naval base (NBMB) and representatives of the Turkish Navy laid wreaths and flowers on the memory wall of the “Sons of the Fatherland” on the “Walk of Fame” of the hero-city of Novorossiysk.

Reference: Corvette “Burgazad” and minesweeper “Akchay” made a business call at the port of Novorossiysk in the framework of the national exercises of the Turkish Navy “Blue Fatherland – 2019” (“Mavi Vatan-2019”), one of the elements of which is a visit to a foreign port.

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