Russian Pacific Fleet Weapons Training

March 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – As part of the development of naval elements of the K-2 course mission (the actions of a single ship at sea for purpose), the large anti-submarine ships (BOD) of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Tributs and Admiral Vinogradov, each in their own training ground, conducted a complex , sea and coastal targets.

In the course of the exercise to repel the attack of the air attack equipment of a conditional enemy in the interests of BOD, anti-submarine aircraft Tu-142 and Il-38 of the naval aviation of the fleet operated, which designated air targets.

In the next training episode, anti-submarine ships performed practical artillery shooting at the towed shield, and then destroyed the mock-up of a naval mine.

In the coastal testing area, ships fired from a 100-mm artillery system visible and invisible targets on the coast, simulating long-term emplacements, equipment and personnel of the conditional enemy.