Russian Navy Hydrographic Fleet to Expand This Year

March 4, 2019 (Google Translation) – By the end of 2019, the Russian Navy (Navy) plans to receive six modern hydrographic vessels and boats being built as part of the state military shipbuilding program, calculated until 2050. The construction of multifunctional hydrographic vessels and boats by industrial enterprises is currently being carried out without disruption of terms. This was reported in the Main Command of the Navy.

Until the end of the year, the fleets will include two hydrographic vessels of the project 19910, intended for the Northern and Pacific fleets, as well as a large hydrographic boat of the project 23370G of catamaran type and three large hydrographic boats of the project 23040G. These vessels and boats are at the final stage of completion, as well as carrying out factory tests.

All ships and boats built in the interests of the Navy’s hydrographic service are equipped with the most modern equipment that allows for high-precision areal surveys of the bottom topography to maintain nautical charts at a modern level. Also, these vessels and boats are designed to provide other hydrographic and pilotage activities, maintenance of coastal and floating navigational aids, transportation of various cargoes to support coastal hydrographic units on the unequipped coast.