Yaroslav Mudriy Undergoing Post-Refit Trials

March 1 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the Baltic Fleet patrol ship “Yaroslav Mudriy” in the course of planned exercises in combat training grounds at sea carried out electronic launches from the Uran missile system and air defense systems on ships and aerial targets of the enemy.

The exit of the ship to the Baltic Sea was carried out within the framework of working out the second course task K-2. In the course of solving the problems of conducting a sea battle with ships, the specialists of the missile and artillery warhead used rocket weapons by completing an electronic launch from the main strike complex and having completed the tasks of defeating a group of conventional enemy ships.

Earlier, the crew of the Yaroslav Mudriy, together with the large landing ship Minsk, carried out artillery firing at sea and air targets. The sailors also worked on the production of radio-electronic interference, conducted a training session on the struggle for the survival of the ship on the move, passing through narrowness and sailing in conditions of limited visibility, as well as anti-diversion measures.

The ship during the delivery of the course task in the sea performed more than 10 combat exercises.