KERSHIP Delivers Third BSAM

March 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Metropolitan Support and Assistance Building (BSAM) SEINE is the third largest series of four ships designed and built by KERSHIP. Ordered in 2016, it has just been officially received by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA).

The delivery of the fourth unit, the BSAM GARONNE, the first take of Command will take place in Concarneau in March, is scheduled for the summer of 2019.

Delivered in March 2018, the BSAM ‘LOIRE’ was the first building Admitted to the Active Service, followed by the BSAM ‘RHONE’ who was admitted to the active service after its deployment Long duration during which he carried out a circumpolar navigation of 19 000 including the North East Passage, from the Norwegian Sea to Bering Strait and found its base port, Brest, after passing through the Panama.

The BSAM program is under KERSHIP project management, which is responsible for contract and industrial coordination. PIRIOU provides the design, construction and tests of these ships characterized by great versatility and an autonomy of thirty days.

Naval Group conducts studies of military installations, provides operational communications systems and maintains the condition (MCO) over a period of up to five years. The construction of four vessels were entirely carried out on the industrial sites of PIRIOU and KERSHIP in Concarneau and Lorient.

Overall length … 70.30 m
Width outside limbs … 15,80 m
Draught… 5.00 m
Deadweight … approx. 1,000 t
Loading surface on deck … 250 m²
Speed ​​… 14 knots
Hull / superstructure … steel
Facilities … 17 (crew) + 12 passengers
Propulsion: …. 2 x 2,650 kW
Generating sets …. 2 x 300 kWe
Specific equipment:
Traction capacity at fixed point: 80 t
Dynamic positioning DP 1
Crane from 10 T to 25m
Home of 12 divers and their equipment
Firefighting FiFi I
Implementation of a floating anti-pollution dam
Workboat of about 8 meters
Semi-rigid boats
Transport of weapons and ammunition
Support of a submarine stopover