Baltiysk Marks 63rd Anniversary

March 1 2019 (Google Translation) – The commander of the Baltic Fleet, Admiral Alexander Nosatov, congratulated the sailors of the Baltic naval base on the 63rd anniversary of the formation of the association.

At the end of the 2018 school year, the Baltic Naval Base (BVMB), commanded by Rear Admiral Alexei Peshkov, was recognized as the best naval association. The combat training plan for ships and base units is 100% complete. These are about 200 combat exercises, including rocket, artillery and torpedo firing, mine laying, depth bombing, anti-mine exercises. Over the past year, ships delivered more than 50 coursework tasks in the Baltic Sea marine testing grounds.

Conducted all the planned exercises, command and staff training and special tactical exercises. BVMB rocket ships together with the coastal missile formation are the main striking force of the fleet. Among them are small missile ships of the project 21631 Serpukhov and Zeleny Dol, which are armed with the newest high-precision cruise missiles Caliber, as well as a small missile ship of the project 22800 Mytishchi, which has recently expanded to the fleet. This year it is planned to accept another 22800 small rocket ship of the fleet into the fleet. The first such ship, Mytishchi, became part of the Baltic naval base in December 2018.

In addition to the ship component of the combat base this year, it is planned to receive another coastal missile battalion.

In the two months of 2019, the BVMB ships performed more than ten combat exercises using artillery, missile and sea underwater weapons. The crews of the ships are trained to perform combat missions, both independently and as part of the ship’s tactical groups, and the crews of incoming new weapons and military equipment, communications and automation complexes are being mastered.

In the near future, the formations and military units of the base will face intensive military training, which will be based on naval training of personnel. Efforts will be directed at ensuring the naval interests of the Russian Federation.


March 1, 1956 in accordance with the order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR was formed a naval base of the first category with the assignment of the name of the naval base Baltiysk. The head of the Navy, the Hero of the Soviet Union, Rear Admiral Sergei Petrovich Kostritsky. In total, at the time of creation, the naval base numbered more than 100 ships and vessels, of which 67 were military, stationed from Klaipeda to the Polish border.

At present, the naval base of the Baltic Fleet includes the connection of rocket ships and boats, the connection of the ships guarding the water area, the coastal missile regiment, combat, logistics and technical support units.

BVMB forces are responsible for the entire section of the sea coast of the Kaliningrad region of Russia. The Baltic Sea hosts the most important maritime communications connecting our country with many of the world’s maritime powers. During the years of the union’s existence, more than 120 times the ships of the Baltic naval base carried out the tasks of combat service, having visited the ports of almost 20 countries of the world. Repeatedly, the Balts received foreign ships and delegations. In the Baltic naval base there were presidents of Russia, Poland, Belarus, as well as ambassadors, consuls, chiefs of general staffs, military attaches and representatives of the naval command in more than 20 countries.

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