ARA Bahia Agradable Deploys to Antarctic

February 26, 2019 (Google Translation) – On Sunday morning the ARA notice “Pleasant Bay” sailed from Dársena “E” of the Port of Buenos Aires in direct defeat to the white continent to carry out tasks to support the Antarctic Summer Campaign (CAV) 2018/19 .

At the wharf was dismissed by the Joint Antarctic Commander (COCOANTAR), Division General Justo Francisco Treviranus, and the Commander of the Maritime Patrol Division, Captain Marcelo Alejandro Dalle Nogare, along with heads of the National Directorate of the Antarctic.

The notice, as a component unit of the Maritime Patrol Division, has a seat at the Mar del Plata Naval Base, being dependent on the Atlantic Naval Area Command. It is under the command of Corvette Captain Fernando Luciano Pereyra.

Their participation in the Summer Antarctic Campaign focuses on complementing the transfer of chocks for boarding of EDPV boats, cargo shipped in containers, some of them refrigerated, and fuel. In addition, it will provide logistical support to scientific activities and the transfer of personnel from Antarctic bases to the port of Ushuaia.

The unit sailed under the Operational Control of the Antarctic Joint Command (COCOANTAR) with 61 people on board, including the stable crew of the ship, military personnel on commission and personnel of the National Antarctic Directorate (DNA). It will sail in demand of the Carlini base and, when it is ordered, it will carry out the withdrawal of personnel to the Frei Base, for its withdrawal on the “Frei 5” flight.

On favorable opportunity, will embark scientific staff from the bases Brown and Primavera, which were replicated by the ARA notice “Malvinas Islands and, towards the end of March, will carry out the withdrawal of technical personnel who provided services at the Carlini base to the port of Ushuaia. It is expected that the activities corresponding to the CAV 2018/19 will end on April 15.