Navarra to be Operation Atalanta Flagship

February 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – Frigate ‘Navarra’ sailed last Saturday from the Rota Naval Base towards the Eastern Mediterranean to join Operation ‘Atalanta’ in the Indian Ocean, where she is expected to remain until the next month of August.

The ‘Navarra’ (F-85) will be the flagship of the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR), accommodating the Force Commander and his Staff, on this occasion Spanish Rear admiral Ricardo Atanasio Hernández López, who will exercise the command of Operation ‘Atalanta’ during the next 5 months. This operation focuses on the fight against piracy in the Horn of Africa and the Western Indian Ocean, as well as the protection of the vessels of the World Food Program.

In this way, Spain continues to show its commitment to Operation ‘Atalanta’, where it has participated since its creation in 2008, contributing to the defense of international rights in the area.

Frigate “Navarra” is the fifth of six ‘Santa María’-class frigates that make up the 41st Escorts Squadron. She was delivered to the Navy in May 1993. With a length of 138 meters, a beam of 14 meters and a displacement of more than 4,000 tons, she is equipped with sensors and weapons allowing her to conduct the main tasks as an escort vessel and maritime surveillance.

The ship’s CO is Commanded Eduardo Guitian Crespo. This is the third time that the ‘Navarra’ deploys in Operation ‘Atalanta’. The crew of 226 will be complemented with the embarked international Staff.