Laplace maps the port and waters of the Abidjan lagoon

February 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – The hydrographic building (BH) Laplace sailed on 23 January 2019 from Brest for the hydrographic mission ZMATO 2019 (Eastern Atlantic Maritime Zone) that will take place for several months in the Gulf of Guinea.

After a turbulent crossing of the Bay of Biscay and a stopover in Dakar, the first survey conducted by Laplace , supported by the Naval Station of the French Forces in Ivory Coast (FFCI), was to survey the lagoon of Abidjan and to update the nautical charts of the first economic port of Côte d’Ivoire.

From 9 to 23 February, Hydrographers of the Hydrographic and Oceanic Naval Service ( SHOM ) embarked on the Laplace and raised the water depths and the nature of funds, checked and corrected the nautical information cards, and detected anomalies , such as wrecks in mooring areas. The results of this work will contribute as much to the safety of the navigation as to the maintenance of a good knowledge of this zone concentrating French interests.

Navigating ten hours a day in the lagoon, Laplace’s hydrographic surveyors quickly integrated the landscape of “Little Africa” ​​approaches and even participated in rescuing troubled young swimmers off the Vridi Canal. In parallel with hydrographic work, the Shom organization, the French national hydrographic service, was presented to the Ivorian armed forces. The crew was also able to share their know-how for the benefit of Ivorian sailors and soldiers during Operational Instruction Periods (IOPs).