FS La Résolue Returns from Patrol

February 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – After three weeks at sea, the Antilles-Guyane (PAG) patrol boat La Résolue returned to the naval base of Dégrad-des-Cannes, after having accomplished its mission of the fight against illegal fishing in cooperation with the Armed Forces of Suriname and Guyana.

The Resolue patrolled an area of ​​332 000 km2 off the Guiana Shield, an area equivalent to half of mainland France. ” The French West Indies Guiana patrol is particularly well suited to long-time patrols on the Guiana Shield. Its modern capabilities allow us to deepen our knowledge of maritime activities in areas of sovereignty, to establish an extended tactical situation and to act against illicit activities by assuming tactical command functions “, says Lieutenant Maxence Lesire Commander Resolute.

During its deployment, the PAG conducted three border checks on Surinam and Brazil, seizing 300 kg of fish from illegal fishermen. This operation also made it possible to stop an illegal incursion of fishermen into French waters. Taking advantage of this phase at sea, training qualified in winching and transport of wounded were conducted with the civil security forces before joining Surinam and Guyana.

In order to consolidate links with the riparian countries of the Guyana plateau, Mr. Antoine Joly, French ambassador to Suriname and the Chiefs of Staff of the Surinamese Navy and Navy were invited to visit the stationary patrol boat in Paramaribo . The Surinamese military authorities have shown their willingness to develop cooperation with the Guinean armed forces proposing that six Surinamese sailors board for a day on board.

Finally, the passage to Georgetown, the capital of Guyana was an opportunity to continue exchanges between the two armed forces, six years after the last French stopover. An official reception and visits by the patrol officer in the presence of the Inspector General of Guyana’s Armies made it possible to discuss the possibilities of cooperation in the maritime field in the light of the beginning of offshore activities in Guyana. A group of 10 Guyanese coastguards spent a day at sea aboard and observed the crew’s working methods during fire and man overboard exercises.

With a strength of 2,100 soldiers, the FAGs carry out missions of support of the action of the State and contribute to the missions of sovereignty. As such, they guarantee the protection of the national territory, and contribute to the maintenance of security in the zone of permanent single Caribbean responsibility (ZRP), to the fight against illegal gold washing (Harpie operation), to the security of the space center Guyanese (Operation Titan), and the fight against illegal fishing. As part of their fisheries policing mission, the FAG guarantee the sovereignty of France over the waters under its jurisdiction, meet the international commitments made by France in the field of preservation of fisheries resources, and combat illegal maritime activities .