Project 22160 Vasily Bykov Conducts Weapons Trials

February 25, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crew of the newest patrol ship “Vasily Bykov” of the Novorossiysk military naval base (Navy) of the Black Sea Fleet carried out artillery firing in combat training grounds.

Sailors successfully hit all surface and air targets, and also worked out a number of issues during shipboard electronic warfare exercises, establishing passive radar interference at the near line.

One of the episodes of training was the preparation of the ship for the landing of the deck helicopter , while the fire crews worked out the procedure in case of emergency situations.

Before going out to sea, the crew successfully passed the course task K-1, which is to prepare the ship for navigation and to work out the issues of combat and daily activities in the base.

For reference: The patrol ship “Vasily Bykov” is the first ship of project 22160 , which became part of the Black Sea Fleet with a permanent station in Novorossiysk in December 2018.