Russian Baltic Fleet Open Doors Day

February 21, 2019 (Google Translation) – At the junction of the surface ships of the Baltic Fleet, Open Day was held. During the event, more than 100 high-school students from schools in the Kaliningrad region visited the warships of the Baltic Fleet with excursions.

On this day, the guests visited the newest corvettes of the Baltic fleet of Project 20380 “Resistant”, “Savvy” and “Steregushchy”, visited the flagship of the fleet – the destroyer “Nastoychiviy” and other surface ships of the largest naval unit of the Baltic Fleet.

Within the framework of the Open Day, the visitors familiarized themselves with the conditions of the ship service and the life of the crews, samples of missile, artillery and torpedo weapons of ships, means of rescue and communication, saw the training of radiation, chemical and biological defense teams, training emergency crews, actions of personnel of combat units receipt of the command “Alarm”.

Until the end of February, open days will be held in all military units and formations of the Baltic Fleet.