Ships of the Northern Fleet to conduct firing in the Barents Sea

February 20, 2019 (Google Translation) – The small anti-submarine ship “Snezhnogorsk” and the small rocket ship “Iceberg” of the Kola Flotilla of the heterogeneous forces of the Northern Fleet went to the Barents Sea to perform combat exercises. At present, hydrometeorological conditions for wave height and wind speed in the Barents Sea make it possible to perform combat training tasks without restrictions.

In the landfills, the crews of the ships will execute artillery firing with 76-mm artillery mounts and 30-mm caliber rapid-fire machine guns at surface, air, and coastal targets. In addition, they will work out the tasks of preparing a single ship at sea, conduct exercises for fighting for survivability on the move, and exercises for anti-submarine sabotage defense while anchored in an unprotected raid.

After completing all the assigned tasks at sea, the ships will return to the permanent station of the Polar.