46 Italian Sailors Conduct Anti-Piracy Training in Pakistan

February 15, 2019 – Contrast to maritime piracy, cooperation in areas of crisis and interoperability between fleets. These are the general objectives that animated the international exercise AMAN 2019 , organized by the Pakistani Navy, which took part in representing the Italian Navy the European Multi Mission Frigate (FREMM) Carlo Margottini, already engaged in the campaign in the Middle East and Mar Arabian (MOMA).

The Aman exercise, or “peace” in Urdu language, kicked off on Friday 8 February, with an opening ceremony in the presence of the Commander in Chief of the Pakistan Fleet and representatives of the 46 marines , including the American, British and Japan, which for various reasons, with air-sea vehicles, took part in the 2019 edition. Two, in particular, were the phases that characterized the exercise: the tactical planning in port, where the staff of the various participating nations cooperated to coordinate their activities; and a more operational phase at sea, in the waters facing the port of Karachi, where ship Margottini was involved in counter-piracy exercises, shooting and rescue exercises for ships and personnel in difficulty.

This has contributed to strengthening the capacity for international cooperation in a particularly sensitive area, where, precisely, cooperation at sea between the sea has made it possible to reduce the phenomenon of maritime piracy.

Away from the operational commitments, the crew of the Margottini , during the stop in Karachi, received the visit of the Italian Ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo and the visit of the local Italian community that was able to find a part of their country of origin in Pakistan. At the end of the exercise, the Navy frigate resumed the campaign with a route to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where it arrived on February 14, to participate in the IDEX-NAVDEX 2019, the main exhibition on the latest technology in the field of Defense.