Vendémiaire at the Head of the Exercise Cagou

February 18, 2019 (Google Translation) – From February 4 to 6, the Vendémiaire surveillance frigate (FS) took part in the annual “Cagou” exercise, which brought together the four ships of the French Navy stationed in New Caledonia: the FS Vendémiaire , the building support and assistance overseas Entrecasteaux , and patrolmen The Glorious and the Mocking .

During this exercise, the frigate conducted numerous maneuvers in coordination with the other ships (mutual assistance, refueling at sea, towing, tactical evolution …). Finally, an anti-aircraft training against a Gardian aircraft of the 25F flotilla closed this operational sequence.

This exercise was also an opportunity to discover the missions of the Navy to three civil authorities working with the French forces in New Caledonia. The Vice-Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance, Mrs. Céline Fortesa, the Deputy Mayor of Nouméa, the sponsor city, Mrs. Patricia Van Ryswick and Mr. Louis Barnabé, President of the maritime cluster of New Caledonia, organization bringing together all the actors the marine ecosystem of the region, were able to take the measure of the know-how of the sailors during these few days.

Captain Jean-Louis Fournier, Commander of the New Caledonian Maritime Zone, embarked on board the various vessels during the exercise, and congratulated all the crews for their professionalism and dynamism. during the exercise.

At the end of the three days of training, the surveillance frigate started her patrol towards New Zealand, where she will stop in Auckland. She will conduct an exercise with a New Zealand Navy vessel before returning to her base port of Noumea. D ‘ Entrecasteaux , for his part, took the road from Brisbane, Australia, for an interaction with the 7 th Australian Brigade.

Within their area of ​​permanent responsibility, the 1,450 armed forces of New Caledonia’s main missions are to ensure the sovereignty of France, to animate regional cooperation and to maintain privileged relations with all riparian countries. FANC regularly pledges its resources for assistance operations to the populations, in support of the other services of the State.