Ships of the Black Sea Fleet Complete Weapon Trials

February 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – Crews of the ships of the Crimean and Novorossiysk naval bases (naval base) of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) conducted missile and artillery firing at sea combat training grounds as part of the delivery of the K-2 course mission.

During the training activities, the small anti-submarine ship Suzdalets and the naval mine sweeper Valentin Pikul carried out artillery firing at surface and air targets, as well as at the mock of a floating mine.

In addition to conducting anti-aircraft artillery firing, the Samum missile ship carried out missile firing at an aerial target, the role of which was performed by a target dropped by parachute.

Delivery of the course task by the crews of the ships will last for several days, the sailors will have to complete tasks during the exercise to combat the survivability of the ship, its radiation, chemical and biological protection at sea crossings, as well as electronic warfare.

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