Sea Cup-2019 Begins in Kamchatka

February 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – “Sea Cup” – a competition for the crews of surface ships of the Navy. It has about 30 nominations. In Kamchatka, the crews of about 10 warships and boats of the compound of the protection of the water area of ​​the Troops and forces in the North-East of Russia will compete for the right to represent the compound in the next cup tours.

Sailors will compete for the title of the best commander of a warship, combat unit, naval crew, demonstrate skills in setting and shooting a ship from the anchor, fighting for survivability and saving people behind, as well as in the destruction of a floating mine, artillery shooting at the shield target and air targets. At the onshore training complex, the teams will work out actions to combat water, sealing various holes and damage with emergency equipment.

The winners of the qualifying round in April will take part in competitions with other Pacific Fleet teams. The last round of the competition is scheduled for June and will be held at the Naval Academy of the Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union NG Kuznetsov at the military training center of the Navy.