Baltic Fleet Ships Undergoing Weapons Training

February 18, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crews of the ships of the Baltic Fleet took to the sea for scheduled combat shooting. In total, more than ten warships and support vessels were involved in combat training activities.

In the Baltic Sea will be held artillery battles by single ships. Seafarers will have to perform artillery and anti-aircraft fire at sea targets and air assets of the conditional enemy in the conditions of countering aviation of a conditional enemy.

When firing, the personnel of the radio engineering combat units of the ships, in conjunction with the combat calculations of the artillery, will work out the issues of repelling attacks of guided weapons. They will perform the setting of false targets with a complex of passive interference near the boundary.

The shipboard transport group consisting of base and road sweepers will perform combat exercises in control and reconnaissance search of mines using contact trawls, destruction of mines by ship armament, and posting a detachment of ships along a safe channel.

In addition to shooting, elements of the organization of interaction and communication between ships, counter-sabotage actions during stops at an unprotected raid, as well as joint maneuvering at different times of the day will be worked out.

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