Last rotation of the season for Astrolabe

February 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – Just arrived in Hobart after driving, from January 21 to February 8, 2019 the fourth rotation of the season, called “R3”, to the French station Dumont d’Urville (DDU) in Adélie land for the benefit of the French Polar Institute IPEV and French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF), The Astrolabe sailed on February 13 in the morning, to make the last rotation of the season.

Back on the rotation R3 …

This particular rotation, embarked on board, the prefect senior administrator of the TAAF, Evelyne Decorps who went for the first time on the district and director of the IPEV, Jerome Chappellaz.

On a beautiful day, the crew was able to carry out, on behalf of a project of acoustic measurements in the Southern Ocean, carried by the engineering school ENSTA Bretagne, the recovery operation an acoustic buoy dedicated to listening to whales, many in the polar zone. After three days of violent storm sheltered behind a berg fifty meters high, the building was finally able to dock at DDU (located on the island of Petrels) and to take advantage of five days of great beauty to reach all the logistic objectives defined by the IPEV and allow the crew to interact with the staff of the station Robert Guillard, located on the mainland in Cape Prud’homme.

The rotation was completed by the return of 38 passengers, technicians and scientists, to Hobart, where the crew was able to participate throughout the weekend in the “Wooden Boat Festival”, a major event in Tasmania, bringing together the community enthusiasts of the sea, the Australian Navy and tourists in a series of nautical competitions.

The last rotation of the season, “R4”, now awaits the crew A with the main challenge of shipping the last forty summerers before the return of the ice. Antarctica will then close on twenty brave wintering, cut off from the world and left to themselves for the next nine months.