Juan Sebastián de Elcano Crosses Atlantic Entirely by Sail

February 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – The ship-school “Juan Sebastián de Elcano”, that is realizing his XCI cruise of instruction of midshipmen, has completed his seventh crossing of the Atlantic Ocean entirely to sail, sixth sailing towards the West, in his more than 90 years of service.

The veteran brigantine-schooner, went to sea on January 21 from Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 1700h, gave his knife rig as a farewell to the island and in gratitude for the hospitality of its people, and began his navigation to mixed until 2100h that same day, at which point, after traveling 25 nautical miles (NM) and being so advanced with Punta de Abona, he turned off his engine, starting a period of 25 days in which he sailed continuously under sail.

During these 25 voyages the Vessel-School has sailed 3092 NM, giving a total of 7 boards to its anchorage on the island of St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands), where the crew and midshipmen, in addition to carrying out different nautical training activities -mariner, will work on the preparation of this brigantine-schooner to face their future institutional and protocol commitments in Puerto Rico.

The first of these seven edges, the longest, was 848 NM, until it reached latitude 18º30N, about 100 NM NW of the archipelago of Cape Verde, making the first turn by round. Then, 6 more boards were given, in order to stay between parallels 17 and 21N, area where at this time of year the trade winds are more frequently and intensely felt and, above all, there is a lower number of encalmadas.

During this transit, the most long and primordial to achieve total cohesion and the necessary level of training of the crew and midshipmen for sailing, have been a total of 15 general maneuvers, has been given all the rigging in 3 and a maximum sail speed of 14 knots has been reached, on the last January 30th, which, in addition, was the one in which a greater number of nautical miles was navigated, specifically 223, averaging a speed of 9.29 knots.

Finally, to celebrate the achievement of the milestone, a simple act was made on board, playing a general maneuver when reaching the Island of Anegada. During the act, the foremen gave a symbolic “clever” nut in each of their suits, followed by a “general clever” crank from the bosun of charge, and ending with the congratulations of the Commander of the ship, the captain Ignacio Paz García, to all the team of the Buque-Escuela “Juan Sebastián de Elcano”, that once again have shown that all are necessary and important.