Fanal 2019: Last training of the carrier group before deployment

February 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – The final step before the return of the naval aviation group (GAN) in operations, the large-scale allied exercise Fanal 19, which ended on 14 February, aimed to finalize the revival of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and of the entire naval force, called Task Force 473, in which it is inserted. Commissioned by Rear-Admiral Olivier Lebas, the GAN confirmed its ability to fill the entire spectrum of missions that can be assigned to a group carrier of the forefront.

Realism and high intensity were the “red thread” of these two weeks of operational training. The French aircraft carrier, the Spanish frigate Cristobal Colon, the Italian air defense frigate Caio Duilio , the American destroyer USS Donald Cook , the French FREMM Provence and Italian Carabiniere , the BCR Marne and Var, a nuclear attack submarine and more than 30 aircraft were immersed in scenarios covering all areas of struggle (power projection, control of aeromaritime spaces, anti-submarine warfare, anti-aircraft and anti -navires). The crew of the Charles de Gaulle directly contributed to the success of this exercise carrying out nearly 250 catapultages and landings of Rafale Marine and Hawkeye . The group training focused on complex and varied topics, ranging from training to tracking a submarine, combat rescue, namely the extraction of a pilot ejected in a combat zone. This last exercise was carried out in a joint framework with the participation of a Caracalof the 1/67 Pyrenees squadron of the Air Force with a commando paratrooper group of air (CPA 10). This was to maintain the GAN’s ability to integrate into any “Rescue Fighting” device.

This international naval force operated under the orders of Rear-Admiral Olivier Lebas, embarked on the aircraft carrier with the 80 members of his staff, from the French air-sea rapid reaction force. FANAL has also qualified this tactical staff for the command of a naval air force at sea.

” The FANAL 19 program has enabled all GAN ​​units and the onboard staff to return to the high level of requirement required in operations. The exercise also demonstrated, once again, the excellent level of interoperability of the Navy with its allies, “says CA Lebas at the end of the year before concluding” The carrier group is ready to reconnect with all the missions that may be entrusted to it by the political authorities. “