Russian Navy Now Has 15 Project 23370 and 23370M in Service

February 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – For five years, the search and rescue forces of the Russian Navy (Navy) of Russia have been supplemented with a series of 15 multifunctional modular catamaran boats of search and rescue support for projects 23370 and 23370М. They were built at the KAMPO enterprise located near Moscow within the framework of the shipbuilding program.

Currently, for the Navy, mass production of the next modification of boats of this project, designed to perform hydrographic tasks, is deployed. We are talking about hydrographic boats 23370G.

The modular boats of project 23370 and 23370M are designed to carry out search, rescue and search and rescue operations at naval bases at open raids and in coastal areas, including to provide diving descents to a depth of 45 meters.

The multifunctional modular search and rescue boats of the project 23370M were developed to develop the project 23370, in comparison with which they have an increased full speed, improved seaworthiness, living conditions and the possibility of accommodating additional special personnel, as well as an improved diving complex. Along with this, the boats are equipped with a more efficient set of fire extinguishing agents with increased productivity and a significantly expanded range of portable equipment.

The upgraded catamaran boats have a greater displacement (140 tons versus 120 tons in the previous modification of project 23370), a larger overall length (24.2 m versus 20 m) and a higher maximum speed of up to 13 knots.

On the boats of project 23370M an advanced container diving complex KVK 23370M is installed. Diving complex, which consists of two removable container modules based on 20-and 10-foot containers.

Also, the boat of the project 23370M is equipped with a BKD-120T pressure chamber manufactured by Tethys Pro JSC, equipped with a diving descents control station and a pressure chamber control station on board. As part of the diving complex, universal diving equipment SVU-5-1 and SVU-5-2 are used, produced by the Russian enterprise KAMPO JSC.

The boat can be equipped with a wide range of means for performing underwater operations, including the remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicle Marlin-350.

A hydraulic crane-manipulator with a maximum lifting capacity of up to three tons is installed on the boat of the project 23370M as lifting equipment.