Australian Military Sales Catalogue

August 12, 2019 – The third edition of the Australian Military Sales Catalogue, launched today, showcases world-leading Australian defense industry products, services and technology available for export to foreign governments.

The 2019 Catalogue is almost twice the size of last year’s as the Liberal National Government works to make Australia a top ten global defense exporter.

Growing defense exports strengthens Australia’s defense industry, creating new jobs and helping to keep the country more safe and secure.

The number of Australian businesses contributing to the Catalogue has grown by 75 per cent from last year, demonstrating the strength of Australia’s defense industry.

A total of 114 companies are featured in this year’s Catalogue and every state and territory is represented, making it a truly national publication.

This year’s Catalogue also includes selected Australian Defence Force (ADF) equipment coming out of service, which will be available for purchase by our international partners. The transfer of ex-ADF equipment to foreign governments is subject to a rigorous approval process that is independent from the Australian Military Sales Office.

A new addition to the Catalogue is an information section for Australian defense industry companies on a number of Government programs designed to promote Australian exports. This will further aid defense industry companies seeking to maximize export opportunities.

The Catalogue continues to support the Government’s Smart Buyer approach to the acquisition, sustainment and disposal of ADF capability by working more closely with industry. This promotes a value-for-money approach to the disposal of ex-ADF equipment while at the same time building closer working relationships with our international partners.