Project 956 Nastoychiviy Refitting for Return to Service

February 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the near future, the destroyer of the Baltic fleet, “Perseverant”, will undergo a scheduled repair and restoration of technical readiness. For this, the Baltic Fleet has been allocated all the necessary funds.

At present, work on the ship is already being carried out directly at the place of permanent deployment. During 2019, the “Perseverance” will be replaced with the propulsion system and the repair of a number of life support systems of the ship.

These works will be carried out by the specialists of the 33rd ship-repair plant, with which the state contract for the repair and maintenance of the fleet ships has been concluded.

During the scheduled docking of the destroyer, the underwater part of the hull will be inspected and cleaned, the propeller-steering group, and other hull devices of the ship’s systems and mechanisms will be repaired.