First Helicopter Squadron of Clarification and Attack receives two AH-11B aircraft

February 6, 2019 (Google Translation) – The 1st Helicopter Clarification and Attack Squadron received on January 22 the first two ” Wild Lynx ” helicopters , designated AH-11B in the Brazilian Navy. From this moment on, the assembly phase and final acceptance of the aircraft will begin, proceeding with another stage of the contract with the company “Leonardo Marconi Westland” for the modernization of eight AH-11A.

“Glass Cockpit” of modernized AH-11B aircraft

Among the various modernized systems are the installation of new CTS-800-4N engines, Glass Cockpit compatible with Night Vision Goggles , new tactical and navigation system, self-defense system that includes chaff and flare launchers and new MAGE- RWR , which will enable a great leap in technology and knowledge to the EsqdHA-1.

After the transfer to the Navy Operational Sector, the two aircraft will begin the transition process of the pilots, faithful and mechanics of the EsqdHA-1, who will need to qualify in the new model becoming fit to fulfill the various missions of this Military Organization as part of the weapons system of the Surface Ships of the Fleet.