Training Ship Perekop Recertified

January 30, 2019 (Google Translation) – As instructed by the Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Korolev, the framework of the generalization and dissemination in the Navy of the experience of a unique cruise of the Perekop training ship around Eurasia with the passage of the Northern Sea Route, which took place in 2018, conducted a thorough analysis of the training capabilities of the ship’s technical equipment for organizing maritime practices of cadets of naval educational institutions. The conclusions of this analysis – the state of the training and training base on board the Perekop Management Company made it possible to effectively organize the acquisition by cadets of sustainable practical skills while sailing a ship in the far sea and ocean zone, as well as throughout the Northern Sea Route.

Earlier, during the repair of the Perekop UK in 2016, designers and technologists of the 51st Central Design and Technological Institute of Ship Repair of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, with the participation of the Russian enterprises Marine Technologies, Krizo, Forss Technologies, Spetssudoremont The Research Institute of Instruments has developed and introduced a number of different technical solutions, in particular, for updating and automating the navigator classes of the Perekop training ship, installing training simulators and batteryless telephony.

“The correctness and reliability of these technical solutions, implemented on the instructions of the Main Command of the Navy, was confirmed during several trips of the Perekop training ship and, especially, during a multi-month cruise with cadets of naval educational institutions on board. More than 40 thousand nautical miles and more than 250 days of march allowed in practice to check and effectively use all the characteristics of the ship’s technical means, characteristics, ”said George Moore, Executive Director of 51 Central Design and Technological Institute of Ship Repair.

At the working meeting in the Admiralty, which was devoted to the preparation of the Perekop MC for the next long march this year, it was emphasized that “The experience of the Perekop UK long march in 2018, in which more than 1000 cadets, Nakhimov people would be fully used and yunarmeytsev, had the opportunity in the course of the ship’s practice to pass the routes of famous Russian navigators and explorers, and much of this trip was carried out for the first time: a training ship with cadets on board made a voyage around Eurasia; for the first time since the time of Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Muklaya, Russian sailors made a business visit to Papua New Guinea; for the first time the training ship’s route passed along the Northern Sea Route, allowing the cadets to gain real experience of navigation in the polar latitudes while still in college.