FAG: 2018 Assessment of Fisheries Police Operations in French Guiana

January 30, 2019 (Google Translation) – The fisheries police mission is one of the major missions of the Armed Forces in Guyana (FAG), with the fight against illegal gold panning (Harpie operation) and the protection of the Guiana Space Center (Operation Titan).

Realized under the responsibility of the prefect of Guyana, delegate of the government for the action of the State at sea, it mobilizes over an area of ​​126 000 km² all the maritime and air assets of the FAG. This vast maritime area faces recurrent attempts to plunder fishery resources by illegal fishermen, who sometimes oppose the controls with violence.

In 2018, the maritime assets of the FAG, made up of 2 patrollers Antilles French Guiana (PAG), 2 coastal patrol boats and a boat nets (ERF) have accumulated 388 days of sea. The air assets of the transport squadron 68 West Indies Guyana, regularly reinforced by Falcon 50 from metropolitan France, have dedicated157 flight hours in support of operations in 2018.

This mobilization of the FAG, in liaison with the other administrations, made it possible to carry out 87 actions on suspicious boats, of which more than half (58) made it possible to apprehend illegal fishermen, leading to diversions or even seizures of the boats. as well as the seizure of 190 km of nets and 40 tons of fish. It also allowed the seizure of 342 kilograms of swim bladders. At the same time, 105 km of nets were surveyed by the FAG net return boat (ERF).

This report demonstrates the determination of the State to uphold its sovereignty over the Guianese maritime area and to preserve its resources.

With a strength of 2,100 soldiers, the FAGs carry out missions of support of the action of the State and contribute to the missions of sovereignty. As such, they guarantee the protection of the national territory, and contribute to the maintenance of security in the zone of permanent single Caribbean responsibility (ZRP), to the fight against illegal gold washing (Harpie operation), to the security of the space center Guyanese (Operation Titan), and the fight against illegal fishing. As part of their fisheries policing mission, the FAG guarantee the sovereignty of France over the waters under its jurisdiction, meet the international commitments made by France in the field of preservation of fisheries resources, and combat illegal maritime activities .