RFS Kasimov Trains in the Black Sea

January 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – As part of the planned training, the small anti-submarine ship “Kasimov” of the Novorossiysk military naval base (naval base) of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) made an exit to the sea training grounds for combat training purposes.

In the course of the training, the sailors carried out a set of measures to organize the air defense of the ship, carried out the search and tracking of air targets, and also conducted artillery firing at air targets simulating the attack of a conventional enemy aerial weapons, as well as the “destruction of a floating mine” exercise.

The activities were aimed at practicing the actions of the crew in the event of various threats, both from the air and at sea.

The organization of preparations for going to sea, the coherence of the actions of the ship’s personnel and the results of the firing missions will be evaluated by the command of the naval formation.

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