Baltic Fleet Ka-27PLs Conduct ASW Training

January 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crews of decked anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27PL of the naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet, as part of the planned exercise, completed the tasks of searching, tracking and destroying the enemy submarine in the sea range

According to the plan of the exercise, an unidentified submarine was located in the sea lanes area, the crew of which was assigned the task of disrupting the sea lanes of the Baltic Fleet.

To detect the target, naval aviation helicopters of the Ka-27PL fleet were sent to the specified square of the sea, where the crews worked out tasks of searching and tracking a submarine with the integrated use of radar and sonar tools. After finding and determining the coordinates of the submarine, the pilots conditionally destroyed the underwater target with the help of aerial bombs.

The flights were carried out along the established route over the water area of ​​the Baltic Fleet’s sea range. Thorough preparation preceded the execution of flights by sea aviation, checking the readiness of the engineering and technical personnel, ground services and specialists to provide flight training tasks.

In the event of combat training were involved about ten units of aircraft.